Utilising innovative trading technologies, we underpin growth in digital assets

Who we are

Founded in 2019, Auros is a proprietary trading and investment firm that delivers market-leading liquidity for exchanges and token projects

We account for a significant share of global cryptocurrency volume via our high frequency trading strategies and market making services. We strive to be among the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading firms, a strategic liquidity partner to best-in-class industry participants, and a champion for the continued growth of digital assets.

Meet the team

  • Co-founder & Head of Trading
  • Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Head of Business Development & Partnerships
  • Recruitment Director

Benjamin Roth

A portfolio manager and trader of over 20 years, Ben has a proven track record of performance in the fields of derivatives structuring, volatility and high frequency trading. His early career was forged at Optiver in Sydney and Chicago, running various trading books in New York and Hong Kong, before going on to establish Auros as the firm’s Head of Trading. He holds a First Class Honours degree in Accounting and Finance from UNSW.

Brendan Scott

Brendan is Auros’s technological lead, along with being a co-founder of the business. With a varied background in developing both trading system architecture and innovative non-trading solutions, he, like Ben, spent his formative years at Optiver, being responsible for various software- and platform-based teams. Brendan has an academic background in Computer Software Engineering.

David Rogers

With a focus on algorithmic execution, David has built and led some of the largest buy- and sell-side institutional trading desks globally. Starting his career at Goldman Sachs in London, he has diverse experience across Equities and FICC, for example being responsible for UBS’s Equity Portfolio Trading desk and SSGA’s multi-asset trading business. Educated in the UK, he holds a BEng in Mechanical Engineering and an MSc in Automotive Design.

Jason Atkins

Jason is responsible for all aspects related to the commercial development of the firm. Following a 14-year career in institutional finance, building Global Macro/FX client franchises at firms such as Citi and BoAML, he made the switch to Digital Assets. Via work on projects such as Matrixport and Bit.com, he has established himself as a go-to authority on new platforms, products and ecosystem growth. Jason holds a Bachelor of Business in Finance and Accounting at UTS.

Jaia Verner

Jaia is a human resources professional with over 15 years of successful experience in hiring and employee management. She specialises in talent acquisition and outbound recruitment. Prior to joining Auros, she managed the human resources function in startup and small- to medium-size companies in industries including tech, fintech and telecom services. She holds an MBA in Business Administration, majoring in Finance and Banking from Central European University.

Our sights are set on becoming the global leader in digital asset trading

We welcome those seeking to join our mission by partnering, or joining our team, to get in touch