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Harness the power of liquidity to propel your project's success


Harness the power of liquidity to propel your project's success

We create liquid and efficient markets on both centralized and decentralized venues.

We combine high frequency trading and strategic market making to mobilise your digital liquidity.

Best-in-class liquidity is the bedrock of the confidence for your community

We ensure your community has confidence in the price they receive through reliable liquidity and efficient price discovery.

Auros has been a significant market maker on our platform for many years and we are thrilled that they have been honored with the distinction of being named the Best Spot Trader across Bybit.

This recognition not only highlights Auros' trading sophistication but also serves as proof of their state-of-the-art technology that underpins the foundation for their best-in-class liquidity provision.

Eugene Cheung - VP, Head of Bybit Institutional

Ensure your token’s stability with Auros

Tighter Spread

Consistent Depth

24/7/365 Connectivity


Encourage organic trading activities and community expansion


Minimizing spread and ensuring continuous liquidity means a reduction in frictional cost of trading for everyone.


Your community will have greater confidence in your token with reduced price volatility, frictionless entry or exit of positions. More liquid markets also means sub-optimal trading behaviour is disincentivized.


As a result, your community will have greater confidence in the ecosystem, underpinning greater organic trading activities and value accretion to the entire ecosystem.


In addition to providing cornerstone liquidity, we will ensure that your token becomes more accessible in terms of venues listed, further fostering a growing and lively token community in the long run.


Strategic Market Making: The wisdom of high frequency trading firm and a bespoke partnership approach

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Roots in high frequency trading

We are a firm of technologists, engineers and traders that have built the sophisticated tech stack required to contribute significantly to global daily volumes in crypto currency markets. Our heritage as High Frequency traders in the traditional asset space has led our team of around 70 people to represent around 1-3% of global daily volumes on centralised and decentralised venues.

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Genesis of Strategic Market Making

As we developed our trading systems for our core strategies, we simultaneously begun to explore how we can use our team, our tech and our commercial alignment with our partners to bring this best-in-class liquidity provision to their native tokens too. This formed the genesis of our Strategic Market Making business line in 2020.

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Technological heritage and partnership-oriented approach

With the technological heritage of a high frequency trading firm, and a distinctive partnership-oriented approach, we are able to form commercial partnerships with teams to deliver them deep, meaningful and consistent liquidity for project's native token. As a result, we are able to contractualize the KPIs that our performance is measured upon.


Our Achievements


of global daily volume


of transactions every day

10 billion dollars

peak daily trading volume


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