Ensure the value of your token reflects the value of your work

Liquid and efficient markets allow participants of all types to have confidence when investing in tokens. By working with Auros, projects achieve deep, consistent liquidity which provides the foundation for healthy markets and promotes sustainable token growth.

The end result? A token that has the recipe for success; converting the innovation and efforts of a founding team into a vehicle for investment and participation for all.

The Auros Advantage

Combining our algorithmic, high-frequency approach to liquidity along with decades of trading experience, Auros deploys market leading strategies to ensure that your token will have cornerstone liquidity in a variety of market conditions and across multiple trading venues.
    Auros’ Strategic Market Making team develops bespoke algorithms that guarantee a level of depth for your token during a variety of market conditions. We are contractually obligated to meet these agreed-upon metrics for the entirety of the mandate.
    Auros utilizes our market-leading technology to provide tighter spreads, deeper liquidity, and more reliable refill times on quotes to build confidence around your token. In doing so, we are able to provide our best-in-class liquidity 24/7/365.
    Full visibility into our work: Regular reporting, constant communication, and a team to answer your questions in a timely manner. We don’t ask you to ‘just trust us’, we want you to understand the benefits of working with us.
    Our partnerships are designed from the ground up to create alignment between Auros and the project team. Auros is incentivised to ensure that liquidity for your token meets the demands of your community and matches the growth of your project over time.

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