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Making Digital Markets Liquid

Making Digital Markets Liquid

We ensure token stability using well thought-out algorithms and interdisciplinary experience.

Reliable liquidity you can count on, backed by transparency and accountability.

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    Technological heritage

    Our experience as high-frequency traders in the traditional asset space enables us to develop a tech stack that significantly contributes to the daily trading volumes in cryptocurrency markets. This tech stack serves as the foundation for Auros' liquidity provision.

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    Aligned Objectives

    We use our technology to structure long-term commercial partnerships with projects, delivering consistent liquidity for their native token.

    This commercial structure offers mutually beneficial outcomes to both the project and Auros.

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    Full accountability and transparency

    We prioritize the actual deliverables of our product by contractualizing the KPIs on which our performance is measured. We formalize our obligation and provide regular reporting so that founders, teams, and communities can have confidence in the liquidity of the token.

In an opaque world, Auros is an open book. We don’t sell fairytales.

Mike Cahill - Chief Executive Officer, Duoro Labs

Auros has been a valuable partner for Pyth, supporting the protocol since its inception. They have provided high-quality trading data to Pyth's price feeds, playing a crucial role in our ecosystem.

Auros has also played a key role in the successful launch of the PYTH token, offering valuable advice and expertise. We are grateful for Auros' partnership and support as Pyth continues to expand.

Mike Cahill - Chief Executive Officer, Duoro Labs


Global Presence

Tapping into a rich seam of talent globally, our teams are split between two main offices in Hong Kong and New York, with the rest of the team being decentralized, ensuring that we have a global presence and the ability to provide round-the-clock support to our clients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Radical Transparency

Full disclosure is the only way to build trust. Auros employs a quantitative approach to deliver agreed-upon metrics - because of this, we are able to provide our partners with key insights into the performance of their token. All cards are on deck.
  • Contractually obligated KPI's

  • Full transparency into our trading activities for your token

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