Making Digital Markets Liquid

Auros is a crypto algorithmic trading and market making firm, deploying sophisticated algorithms that have been developed and refined to meet the specific needs of our partners.

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The success of your project depends on 3 things.


Price Harmonisation

Your token relies on consistent liquidity and efficient price discovery across multiple venues. Using our market-leading trading technology stack, Auros consistently maintains price harmonisation across dozens of exchanges, ensuring that your community has confidence in the pricing they receive, regardless of where they transact.

  • 50+ trading venues

  • 99% market coverage

  • 24/7/365 connectivity


Consistent Liquidity

Building a reliable order book for your token allows all market participants to transact and invest with confidence. This opens up paths to increased trading activity, community expansion, and value accretion, leading to sustainable organic growth.

By partnering with Auros to achieve best-in-class liquidity, you open up a new scale of possibilities for your token.

  • Tighter spreads

  • Deeper liquidity

  • Ecosystem growth


Radical Transparency

Full disclosure is the only way to build trust. Auros employs a quantitative approach to deliver agreed-upon metrics - because of this, we are able to provide our partners with key insights into the performance of their token. All cards are on deck.

  • Contractually obligated KPI's

  • Full transparency into our trading activities for your token

In an opaque world, Auros is an open book. We don’t sell fairy tales.


Auros makes trading and liquidity understandable for everyone.


Understanding your goals

Your goals are how we tailor our solutions. Auros' Strategic Market Making team invests the time to understand what success looks like for you.


Strategic Solution

Every project is different. Our bespoke approach means that the liquidity we guarantee is targeted for your success.


Liquidity Provision

Auros deploys best-in-class trading systems for our partners. Our proprietary trading algorithms deliver the liquidity you need, day-in and day-out, ensuring confidence in your token.


Management and Monitoring

Auros constantly monitors and refines liquidity. This enables you to focus on what you do best, building great products and ecosystems that will drive success. Leave the liquidity to us.


Report and analysis

Transparency and accountability is at the core of our business. Our partners know what we're doing and how it helps. Regular reporting and communication ensures your liquidity evolves alongside with your project.

Cornerstone liquidity in all market conditions

Our mission is to connect digital markets to global liquidity.


Benjamin Roth

cofounder and Chief investment officer

Ben has 20+ years of experience as a trader, portfolio manager and now founder of Auros, where he oversees our broad commercial trajectory, as well as running our project and venture investments portfolio. He has operated extensively in most major asset classes in the USA, Asia and Europe, with a heavy focus on derivative trading across equities, FX and crypto.


Brendan Scott

cofounder and advisor

Brendan is Auros’s technological lead, as well as co-founder. With a varied background in developing both trading system architecture and innovative non-trading solutions, he spent his formative years at Optiver, managing various software and platform-based teams.


Marcel Klooss

Chief Executive Officer

Marcel is the CEO of Auros, where he works alongside all department heads to position Auros. Marcel began his career at Optiver in Amsterdam, and moved to their Chicago office to build and lead the US indices derivatives team. After that, he became a founding member of the VivCourt office in Sydney as their Head of Trading.


David Adler

Chief Operating Officer

David oversees the daily operations and core control functions of the business. He brings over two decades of experience working in law and financial services in London, Sydney, and Melbourne. He has acquired a wealth of experience from major international banks and has been a trusted business advisor across a spectrum of industries.


Jason Atkins

chief commercial officer

Having established himself as a go-to authority on new platforms, products and ecosystem growth, Jason drives Auros’ commercial relationships and is responsible for the firm’s unique partnership model, as well as shaping our external value proposition.


Mark Hingston

Chief Technology Officer

With nearly two decades of experience in software architecture and development, Mark oversees the technical direction of the firm. Mark spent his early career at Optiver, specializing in market connectivity, auto-trading software, and core trading infrastructure.


Sulabh Gupta

Chief Risk Officer

Sulabh is an accomplished risk management executive with over a decade of experience. Before joining Auros, he spent 14 years working in Chicago, London, and Sydney, with a focus on global risk management. Sulabh played a pivotal role in building key risk management infrastructure for international banks and high-frequency trading firms, including UBS and Optiver.


Le Shi

Head of Trading

Le spearheads the development of the firm's trading strategy. He began his career at Optiver, working in the Asian index derivatives team in Sydney. He later led Optiver's Taiwan office, managing all aspects related to the trading of Taiwan's main equity index options and financial & electronic sector indices. He was also part of the team that set up Optiver's China Options Desk.


Sheara Emerson

Head of Middle Office

Sheara plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of Auros. She brings more than 10 years of experience working in key operational roles for companies such as HSBC and KPMG. Her specialty lies in streamlining and optimizing processes. She has built a strong operational team that ensures the accuracy of our position and risk-related figures.